Welke eigenschappen hebben de kleurglazen?

What properties do the colored glasses have?

In addition to the fact that the colored glasses fit perfectly with your outfit, they also have a function. They have no further effect on the degree of protection against UV rays.

General features about the following shades:

Brown, gray and green provide overall brightness without disturbing the colors themselves.

Yellows are ideal for moderate to low lighting conditions

Pink makes the world a lot brighter, they increase visibility and contrast

Overview of the different colors

Blue lenses reduce the sharp contrast, when sensitive to sharp light this is a nice color to wear. These colored glasses are therefore also nice to wear at parties with many light effects.

Yellow lenses provide more contrast and sharpness, which is useful for sunny days, but also for days that are a bit foggy.

Grey lenses transmit all colors and perform well in a variety of conditions. They are nice to wear in sunny and cloudy weather and therefore good to wear all year round.

Brown lenses are great for improving contrast and depth perception. A frequently chosen color of glasses and that is for a reason, ideal for daytime use and good to wear in the car.

Pink lenses offer good contrast against green and blue tones. This makes them nice to wear on days by the water, and it is also a soft color to look through.