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Moon Eleven is an exclusive brand with the core values ​​luxury, timeless and character.

We think these values ​​are important , and will continue to develop to meet them. For example, our designs are adjusted in such a way that they ensure long wearing comfort, they match every outfit and they let your character speak.

Luxurious designs, and you feel that immediately

Anti blue light filters

All our glasses are equipped with anti blue light filters, you read that right! Not only the transparent glasses have these valuable glasses, no, they all have these glasses.

We had this produced in order to develop glasses that can be worn all year round, they protect after all, apart from UV radiation, you also protect against radiation from screens.

Protection and comfort that goes beyond the standard


Our glasses are unique, and so are our customers!

Attention is paid to the protection of our eyes, and because of this we take good care of our health .

Our glasses come in different colours, so there is always one that matches your personality. Let your character speak, stand out and feel confident with Moon Eleven's unique glasses.

Perfect dimensions, flexible nose pads

Sturdy, yet light weight